WELCOME to the official website of author Wes Albers. A cop with more than twenty years on the job and counting, he tells stories drawn from what he’s seen from behind the badge. His debut novel, Black & White, is the first in an intended series.

Black & White tells the story of Officer John Hatch, a senior patrolman working the streets of East San Diego, Mid-City Division.  From the dealers and dope fiends to the gangbangers, wife beaters and every ilk of miscreant and predator in between, Hatch struggles to help the residents of Mid-City create the neighborhood they want it to be all the while quietly paying a personal price to make that happen.

Over time he has learned that it’s not always about what you do on the streets but what the streets do to you that matters.  Here there are many things he would prefer to forget, such as the victim recently found murdered in her bedroom, a woman nobody seems to care much about or miss; a woman who died savagely in the hands of an assailant nobody seems especially obsessed to find.

But while, one by one, the duties of the job take their toll as he confronts the daily reality of the streets, a department struggling to adapt to increasingly challenging times, and the disaster that is his personal life, Hatch’s ability to remember one specific good thing may very well hinge on his capturing a killer.  This he is somehow unable to forget…

Of Black & White, New York Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds (The Book of Spies) hails, “Gritty and rewarding… A top-notch cop novel. Watch out, Joseph Wambaugh!”

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